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#ident "%Z%%M% %I% %E% SMI"
mdb(1) is an extensible utility for low-level debugging and editing of the
live operating system, operating system crash dumps, user processes, user
process core dumps, and object files. mdb provides a completely customizable
environment for debugging complex software systems such as an operating system,
for programs that are highly optimized, have had their debug information
removed, or are themselves low-level debugging tools, and for customer
situations where developers can only access post-mortem information.
Refer to the white paper "A Modular Debugger for Solaris" for information
on the design, features, and goals of MDB. See /shared/sac/PSARC/1999/169
for copies of the paper and related documentation. More information about
MDB is available on the internal web at http://mdb.eng/. This directory
contains both the source for the MDB debugger, and the supporting debugger
modules. Developers are free to modify and enhance these modules to add
new dcmds and walkers and to create completely new modules.