PSARC 2009/377 In-kernel pfexec implementation.
PSARC 2009/378 Basic File Privileges
PSARC 2010/072 RBAC update: user attrs from profiles
4912090 pfzsh(1) should exist
4912093 pfbash(1) should exist
4912096 pftcsh(1) should exist
6440298 Expand the basic privilege set in order to restrict file access
6859862 Move pfexec into the kernel
6919171 cred_t sidesteps kmem_debug; we need to be able to detect bad hold/free when they occur
6923721 The new SYS_SMB privilege is not backward compatible
6937562 autofs doesn't remove its door when the zone shuts down
6937727 Zones stuck on deathrow; netstack_zone keeps a credential reference to the zone
6940159 Implement PSARC 2010/072
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